Lessons from Glastonbury Part 3: Suspended Peace and Love?

(This is part of my 20 minute writing practice. I write for 20 minutes, check for typos, choose a pic if I’ve time – and press send! you can find out more here)

Glastonbury is a place of incongruent congruence. An audacious variety of supposedly conflicting communities, in complete harmony and acceptance. A temporary fairyland, but one where real humans, with all their troubles and faux pas – just be.

Just be. Without fear of judgement. 

There are Hare Krishna teachings, Christian scholars, full on techno, adult LGBTQ clubs, heavy rock, rock and roll, standard pop, hip hop, grime, laughing workshops, Buddhist meditation, folk, classical violinists, circus, African dance, punk, comedians, politicians……. I just cannot write it all out. So. Much. Variety. 

All. All. All…. 

….’Accepting The Other’ in this suspended realm of the festival. 

I heard no criticism 

….(well, apart from for Boris Johnson and Prince Andrew who were not present as far as I know)  

I heard no judgment of others there, despite a huge disparity of beliefs, styles, background.

And I’ve been pondering, can that style of community permeate out into the world and create something tangibly positive? Can all of us take something of this sense of acceptance and openness out into our worlds? 

Here’s how I think we might….

I am now, in Vietnam, working more on catching my judgements. Judgements will come. Always. As I, like you, am human. 

We think – therefore we judge. 

But to notice our judgements is key. To say to ourselves – ah! There is a judgement. I am judging right now! And then, to look for the humanity in those we are passing judgement on. 

Because all humans, at our very core, are good. We are calm. We want peace and love (cue Ringo Starr!) and in that way – we are the SAME. 

However, our thinking patterns, our experiences, our assumptions and our judgements leave us blindsided. Somehow that is opened up at Glastonbury Festival. 

200,000 people seemed able to suspend their over-thinking and just be for 5 days. 

To suspend the impact of our thinking, more frequently, will enable us to be more open, more caring, more compassionate, and create more meaningful connections. Perhaps you could try to catch a judgment you have today, and replace it with acceptance and love. 

Ok, cheesiness over now! Have a great weekend – in peace and love, love and peace, peace and love (Ringooooooo Starrrrrrrr….) 

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