What I Offer

Live life as though everything is rigged in your favour


I will help you gain a steadfast confidence.

Coaching is a very hard thing to describe to someone who hasn’t experienced it. This is why I open 3 slots in my diary every week for someone new to experience coaching first hand, for free. This session is so you can glean better insight into the results coaching can bring for you and intimately experience what value you will gain. I promise there are no strings attached. After the coaching session is finished, I will make suggestions – – including if I think coaching may not be for you! I will never push you into a commitment but offer some ideas of how we could work together.

My studio is minutes from the beach on the South Coast of England.

Unlike therapy or counselling, coaching is focused primarily in the present and future, only delving briefly into the past when absolutely necessary to propel you from now into a more successful, confident and balanced future. It gives you the daily tools that you can use at any time, to make the best decisions, to access confidence in the moments you really need it. It gives you the strength, ability and humour to truly personify an attitude of “how hard can it be?!” when you just need to get something done – to stop trying, and to just do it – even relish it!

As your coach I help you find the essential insight and tools for you to take responsibility for your future, to sculpt and curate a life that you love, and achieve all you want, by embodying a steady self-confidence.

The introductory session will last for around an hour, and we can both begin to unpack what your goals might be and how I might be able to support you to achieve them, plus some pointers and ideas that you can use there and then, so no pressure to continue with me. I do my best to make sure it helps you as a one off session.

At the end of this, if we agree coaching will work well for you, and whether I am a good fit as your coach then you can decide which will be the best option that will work for you.

These are the options I offer:

Cultivate A Sure and Steady Confidence – One on One coaching

Online Courses

Youth Coaching – One on One coaching

Live Workshops

Absolutely the best way to work together is by getting directly in touch. I am always happy to talk on the phone and you can pick my brains to see how my coaching could work for you.