Live Workshops

I facilitate workshops most months in a variety of locations in South East England. Each are 2 hours in length usually run in the evenings.

During COVID all my regular workshops moved online, but as things have begun to improve I am coaching in person at certain businesses and educational settings. Just get in touch if you would like to learn more. Much of my group-coaching and workshops are tailored specifically to whom I am working with, however here are a number of themes I have worked with to give you a flavour:

-Team communication and dialogue

-Working together for productivity and engagement.

-Developing Reflection as a Learning Tool
-To experience and learn the value of reflection in the choices we make

– Self Awareness for Giving and Receiving and working together
-How open are we to kindness, and the benefits unconditional positive regard can bring to any area of our day to day working and personal lives.

-Generating Inner Understanding
-Tools to use our self-reflection in order to develop our goals

• Nurturing Self-Esteem
• Increasing positive self-talk, inner friendship, respect and worth.

• Cultivating Self-Confidence
• The confidence virtuous circle, trust and belief and your abilities and addressing self-efficacy.

• Clarity and Articulation
• How you speak alters the way you think, how you think alters the way you speak. Train yourself to be more clear in your thoughts and actions.

• How to use body language
• Skills to learn how to convey yourself in a way you choose, and understanding the power and use of conveying meaning with your body.

• Setting Intentions – really, what are your goals? How do you achieve them? Methods to hone your intentions and a developing a pathway to achieving them.

• Action and Feedback, and getting stuff done
• Procrastination and over thinking is the way to stagnation and failure! How to take action and then notice and respond to feedback to be productive and imapctful.

• The Relevance of Loving Kindness
• What you can generate when being kind with your thoughts, words and actions and the changes you want to make in the world. This workshop is actions and skills to generate true kindness

• Giving and asking for Support We are surrounded by a wealth of knowledge. People who know you, know information, and leads that can help you and support you. You too are a vessel of bountiful information that can support others! How to access this and use it to help.

Get in touch…

Absolutely the best way to work together is by getting directly in touch. I am always happy to talk on the phone and you can pick my brains to see how my coaching could work for you.