Online Courses

I run two separate types of coaching online: Firstly I have a monthly group coaching programme that is exclusive to everyone I have coached with before. These groups invite my previous and current clients to come for connection, for coaching, to cultivate some calm, care or kindness. It is really up to you how you use the coaching space. My aim is that everyone can experience that enlivening feeling that comes from coaching more frequently –  and in an affordable way. 

Secondly I run a smaller online group specifically designed around cultivating confidence. This is open to anyone who is new to coaching with me. There are 6 modules I facilitate and, as my coaching is, the work is also action orientated, there are tasks we will develop and you will be challenged to complete and practice in your day to day life. If this might be something you would like to explore – please do get in touch using the box below.

Get in touch

Absolutely the best way to work together is by getting directly in touch. I am always happy to talk on the phone and you can pick my brains to see how my coaching could work for you.