Coaching tailored to you

I will help you or your team gain steadfast self-belief

Using carefully designed coaching and applied drama techniques, I help you improve your confidence to become more intellectually, physically and emotionally confident in yourself, your work life, and your relationships.

I’ll work with you in 3 phases:

1: Gain Clarity

I will carefully listen in order to make sure that we both understand exactly what you want to change, and the reasons behind you not making that change before now.

2: Strategy Creation

We devise a plan, specifically tailored to what we’ve discovered will work for you. Together we’ll create a step by step blueprint for you to follow to achieve the change you want.

3: Accountability

This is key to your success and ensuring sustainability in the change you create. A lot of people can fall back to old habits. Together we will make sure your changes stick.

“I have had counselling on and off over the years but have made more progress working with Joey in just a few sessions.” – Claire

I specialise in working with those who need to overcome anxieties and insecurities that block true confidence. I can help you strengthen a steadfast self-belief, learn to hold powerful conversations, facilitate effective communication, and improve personal relationships.

My methods will help you build sustained confidence and self-belief in order to make the changes you want in the way you live your life. You will simply be performing better and generating the outcomes you want.


“I have had five sessions with Joey Owen coaching me and during those sessions experienced a number of break through moments that have enabled me to see how I can re-frame aspects of what I do or how I percieve my situation, in order to move through life more positively.

In my sessions Joey has drawn on neuro science, breath work, meditation and visualisation, tapping and mnemonics  The combination of these techniques has been particularly powerful and given me useful tools to deal with stressful situations.

Although new to coaching when we worked together Joey has had many years experience as a lamda drama coach and also worked internationally as a problem solver with a variety of communities using applied drama as a transformative tool.

  This breadth of experience coalesces in her coaching work and I have really felt that through the sessions with her I have been able to shift old habits and patterns and step into the light….”

– Jennie

“Joey helped my daughter grow in confidence, manage her stress and uncertainty about herself. She’s more confident with people, in groups, at uni, she just goes about with more readiness that gets things done. She’s thriving really.”

– Julie, mum of Lily, 18

“Joey was calm, careful and clear with the strategies we developed.

I am much more aware of my responses, especially at work, where I now have better focus to first asses a situation and then respond more effectively.”

Bimal, Business Director

“You balanced your playful energy with a deep and serious approach so I felt really comfortable to speak my mind. And your homework has made me really believe in myself more…now without you messaging me to do it!!”

– Cathrine, Teacher

“Working with Joey was a very powerful and life-changing experience. In our sessions she always guided me with wisdom and compassion. What I love most about Joey is that she truly cares, inside and outside of sessions. Her warm-hearted and uplifting spirit makes her the most amazing Cheerleader you could have in your life. She is a very empathetic, loving, kind, positive, motivating, generous and committed Coach. I never felt judged and always understood and safe to share whatever was on my mind. Her coaching is both intuitive and systematic.

What makes it really powerful is her holistic approach: she helped me shift my struggles on an emotional, mental and behavioral level. With her help I got more in touch with my body, emotions and out of my head. Joey is very talented in messing with your negative thinking patterns, giving you new empowering perspectives, a new sense of self and a much more positive outlook on life.

She is very skilled in getting straight to the root of the issue in a yet sensitive and loving way. Her coaching has greatly improved my confidence and allowed me to step out of self-doubt, stop second guessing myself and believing in myself. I always came out of our sessions with new insights, tools and helpful actions steps.

She made me feel more balanced, whole and capable to take on new challenges. Her sessions were like honey to my soul – no matter how sad, frustrated and stressed I entered the sessions, I always came out feeling relaxed, at peace with myself, inspired, motivated, confident and totally limitless.

Joey is a true Angel and has had a very positive impact on my life. I’m very grateful to have her on my side. I would absolutely recommend working with her.”

Catrin, Languages Tutor and Mindset Coach

“Coaching with Joey has been an eye-opening experience.

Her approach to coaching has meant that every session I have felt safe and have come away with something incredibly valuable. My time spent with Joey has been the best investment in myself that I have ever made and I have seen a huge shift in my thinking. It has really been such a learning curve and has felt like the thing that has made the most impact.

I have found coaching to be practical and empowering. A mix of exploration of self paired with practical exercises. I honestly am so grateful for the experience and I am able to see significant changes in all aspects of my life. Thank you Joey!”

– Imogen. Fundraising and Development Executive

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About me:

I am a fully qualified Theatre for Development Practitioner, Drama Teacher and a certified Strategic
Intervention (SI) Coach under teachers Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes, Mark Peysha and Magali Peysha

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I am based in the UK but work with clients all over the world:

10 Park Lane, Milford-On-Sea, Hampshire SO41 0PT, UK