Listening Is Magic… It Conjures a Calm, and a Confidence

This is part of my 20 minute writing practice. I start the timer, write for 20 minutes, stop. Check for typos and press ‘publish’…. You can learn more on my post “A Little Inspiration” on the 4th of March. Timer is on…. “So, I have sat for a few moments, cleared my mind and askedContinue reading “Listening Is Magic… It Conjures a Calm, and a Confidence”

Too. much. to. do. and finding calm and strength

This is part of 20 minute writing practice – I set the timer, see what comes to my mind, write for 20 minutes, stop writing, check for typos, add a photo, and post . This week – if you haven’t time to read then you can just skip to the end bullets to remind yourselfContinue reading “Too. much. to. do. and finding calm and strength”

Can We Transform Our Experience of Any Situation?

This is part of a 20 minute regular writing practice. I put the timer on. Write whatever comes to me, until the timer goes off. I check it for typos and any major sentence errors! And then I post it. It feels brave…  And today – well it’s full of rubbish… (If you would likeContinue reading “Can We Transform Our Experience of Any Situation?”

The Power of Reality… (if your not a fool)

I am writing this today, as part of my new practice of writing for exactly 20 minutes only, checking for any typos, and posting. My aim is that I can build a small body of work that is perhaps helpful for my past, present and future clients to read. And turns out this piece, mayContinue reading “The Power of Reality… (if your not a fool)”

We are Tiny, so, Tiny Things Count

I wrote this yesterday. In exactly 20 minutes. It is part of my new writing practice you can find out more about in the post below. HOWEVER, on reading through for typos and spellings today, I thought, “I hope people read to the end otherwise they will walk away miserable!!”  So – warning – readContinue reading “We are Tiny, so, Tiny Things Count”

A Little Inspiration

Well, it has been a while since I have written …. I have kept telling myself, “it’s because I’m so busy with other work”, “people won’t want to hear from me”, “I don’t want to contribute to the online durge of endless people writing stuff”, or, well, with a little more honesty I often thinkContinue reading “A Little Inspiration”

Self-Compassion Creates Positive Impact in the World

Most people I work with aren’t just in a coaching process for themselves, but shine out with compassion and care for others, a deep need to make the world a better place. They’re working with me because in one way or another they are not managing to create the level of kind and positive impactContinue reading “Self-Compassion Creates Positive Impact in the World”

What our Kittens teach us about Love

Cute kitten time! We have kittens right now. And they bring so much love and fun (and poo) into our home. We all LOVE them no matter what they do.It occurred to me this week that they are a wonderful example to us of ‘Level 3’ love. …Let me explain:In Human Needs Psychology 3 LevelsContinue reading “What our Kittens teach us about Love”

‘Listening Within’ … a 5 minute daily practice

Well I have been meaning to actually write a blog post for some time now… and never quite found the time. In my own 5 minute practice the fact I hadn’t written anything yet, despite meaning to for months kept coming to me, like a little voice inside. Go on Joey, make time to writeContinue reading “‘Listening Within’ … a 5 minute daily practice”