Self-Compassion Creates Positive Impact in the World

Most people I work with aren’t just in a coaching process for themselves, but shine out with compassion and care for others, a deep need to make the world a better place. They’re working with me because in one way or another they are not managing to create the level of kind and positive impactContinue reading “Self-Compassion Creates Positive Impact in the World”

What our Kittens teach us about Love

Cute kitten time! We have kittens right now. And they bring so much love and fun (and poo) into our home. We all LOVE them no matter what they do.It occurred to me this week that they are a wonderful example to us of ‘Level 3’ love. …Let me explain:In Human Needs Psychology 3 LevelsContinue reading “What our Kittens teach us about Love”

‘Listening Within’ … a 5 minute daily practice

Well I have been meaning to actually write a blog post for some time now… and never quite found the time. In my own 5 minute practice the fact I hadn’t written anything yet, despite meaning to for months kept coming to me, like a little voice inside. Go on Joey, make time to writeContinue reading “‘Listening Within’ … a 5 minute daily practice”