A Little Inspiration

This is my desk right now where I am writing – and so it begins…

Well, it has been a while since I have written …. I have kept telling myself, “it’s because I’m so busy with other work”, “people won’t want to hear from me”, “I don’t want to contribute to the online durge of endless people writing stuff”, or, well, with a little more honesty I often think …. “It’s too risky to write – people might actually read it and judge it” Eeeesh….(!!)………..So I didn’t prioritise it….

…Until a client yesterday had a stern word with me at the end of our session – “you are doing a disservice by not sharing this stuff – not sharing widely that your coaching even exists. Why Joey? When you could be helping more people!” Ouch. Ok.

So…. without starting regular social media posts again I have decided to a go little more subtle – and balanced – and do a post here every 2 weeks, that I spend no longer than 20 minutes writing. Timed. Strictly. And only very minimal editing afterwards. Then press send. Job done.

I begin this today, taking all the inspiration from Robbie Swayle’s most useful book “How to Start When You’re Stuck“. It is part of a way of life that I aspire to and it goes like this: “If you start something and do it regularly – even for only 12 minutes each week – and keep doing it, after a few years you’ll have something – and it might be something magical.” And in honour of Robbie – well, I have just set a timer to 20 minutes – starting now!

My First Piece Written in 20 Minutes:

“Robbie is absolutely onto something – something pretty simple and obvious. In fact I seem to remember my Granny often saying “Little and Often” when I was learning anything new. Neuroscience research shows abundant evidence that in terms of learning and developing substantial change, smaller more regular chunks of the new activity, with ‘down time’ in between, will integrate our intellectual, emotional, and physical learning more successfully. 

In schools I have come across this as ‘spaced learning’ which I like – it allows for space, for your mind and brain to process. What Brené Brown calls “The Rumblings”. 

So, here I am putting that concept into practice with this blog. Because? I would like to become more consistent to create something bigger. And, also to explore some learning concepts myself, and in turn perhaps you (dear reader who might actually be reading (and judging) this!) can begin to explore too. And in turn, bring about change in yourself. I hope to grow a practice of being more methodical and steady. Creating any regular practice and finding a way of measuring it will support that process. Hence this writing. Thank you Robbie Swayle.

I also hope in every blog post there will be a juicy more helpful element for others as well as myself. And this may be it: Thinking about ‘little and often’ reminds me of another concept – ‘Small Wins’. Sometimes, if I have a day that feels more of a struggle I have found ‘small wins’ incredibly useful to shift into a more positive way of thinking. We tend not to think of the normal mundane things such as making breakfast, kids off to school content enough, and on time, doing a quick workout, calling that person, clearing away the washing – whatever! We so easily look into the future and focus on what we haven’t done yet, sometimes sending us into a blind panic at worst, and and best, taking on the day with stress and a long to do list. 

So this writing is also a way of celebrating the small wins: Just saying to yourself “yes, that’s a win” when you finish and clear away the breakfast, “yes, that’s a win’ when you see the kids off, “yes, that’s a win” when you got dressed or made the bed even! Notice the things you are doing. Instead of all the things you haven’t, and it can help you to seize the day with more confidence and a feeling of ability. 

And my timer just went off…… so I’ll write again in 2 weeks!”  

Oh – and I’ll add this to my “That’s a win” !

Thanks for reading guys, Joey 🙂

With all the difficulties that are happening right now in the world, if you know of anyone who could benefit from coaching, anywhere, I offer pro-bono coaching engagements with charities, or with those who need it as part of my practice. Please get in touch to talk it through.

If you’d like to read a few more of these, then please sign up at the very bottom of this webpage. And if you would like to experience coaching with me I always offer a free 1 hour coaching session, with no sales, just coaching. You can book it here.

2 thoughts on “A Little Inspiration

  1. Inspired. As always. I’m so pleased you carved out 20mins to write today, you’ve shared great karma, reminded me of a few people I need to look up and made me smile just to hear your voice. I’m definitely guilty of listing what I haven’t done, rather than what I have so you’ve given me the kick to set my own timer for the things I’d (yes, still) like to say I’ve ✔️ done. Look forward to what comes from your next 20mins xx


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