We are Tiny, so, Tiny Things Count

I wrote this yesterday. In exactly 20 minutes. It is part of my new writing practice you can find out more about in the post below. HOWEVER, on reading through for typos and spellings today, I thought, “I hope people read to the end otherwise they will walk away miserable!!” 

So – warningread this to the end…and, you may feel a little more powerful if you do…

Ok timer is set….

“This morning and felt a sinking feeling. Wasn’t sure why exactly. And two different voices in my head responded….

One voice within me went straight for a technique I know can work well: 

“Gratefulness. — Come on Joey! Think of 3 things to be grateful for! Come on! So easy, just 3 things, wallow in them, enjoy them, and you’ll feel better! Things are good! You can choose to feel better by sitting with those wonderful things on your life!”

Well….kind of, but…..

another voice has stepped in, it says, 

“No. Be realistic Joey. Look outwards not inwards. The world. It’s people. Ukraine. Conflict. Trauma. Pain. Suffering. Climate Crisis. Devastation. All the awful things. And my children have to grow up and be adults in a world that humans, of which I am one, are steadily pulling apart and making a more dangerous uncertain place.” 

And oh, how helpless I feel. 

But is it helpless? 

Actually I think it’s shame. Shame that I don’t do enough. Shame that I am part of a race that has become so utterly complex. Shame that I want to do better and create massive positive change, to feel better, and actually – have no idea how. 

So, shame and helplessness. 

What a wonderful way to be productive and helpful in the world. 

Oh dear. 

So, I said it aloud, to my husband. Who reminded me that we are tiny, tiny, and in the scheme of things, there is only so much we can do. And in the end life can be quite meaningless. Well then I felt better!!

I actually did. Instead of that crushing us, maybe we can take heed from it. And feel good about what we are doing. And do a little more of it. 

And it reminded me of the book Sapiens. My coach once referred to it as a resourceful tool for getting perspective when in emotional overwhelm – to know for sure, we are a minuscule dot, part of something so unimaginably bigger. And that’s ok. 

I often think in amazement of Arundhati Roy’s quote from her book ….. something like – If mother Earth was a 40 year old woman – we humans arrived a week ago. 

Think about that.

In the scheme of things. 

Utterly huge massive enormous expansive HUGE things that make up that scheme.

We are tiny. And, AND we can support those around us, AND we can increase love and care. AND  we can do little, tiny things. Always we can do those.

So, I collected a bunch of useful supplies and delivered them to my son’s school who have a minibus they are taking to Warsaw to help refugees. And I feel I have helped.

The shame is lifting a little. 

And I messaged friend who I know is struggling and set aside time for a conversation. 

And the shame is lifting a little more.

Perhaps when we know we are tiny the pressure is off a bit. And without the pressure, then we can help more easily. All of us. We can help anyone, and we will feel better for it. And we can do that everyday. Easily. 

Because if we are tiny, and all of us are tiny, then Tiny things count. 

If we are tiny – then tiny things count. I love this writing practice – I just got something really important – and you might feel it too! 

I was about to move into the idea of Trust and how that could tie in too – but oh! There’s the timer….. so maybe next time…..”

With all the difficulties that are happening right now in the world, if you know of anyone who could benefit from coaching, anywhere, I offer pro-bono coaching engagements with charities, or with those who need it as part of my practice. Please get in touch to talk it through.

If you’d like to read a few more of these, then please sign up at the very bottom of this webpage. And if you would like to experience coaching with me I always offer a free 1 hour coaching session, with no sales, just coaching. You can book it here.

2 thoughts on “We are Tiny, so, Tiny Things Count

  1. Hi. Good thoughts. And feeling awful about things doesn’t help anyone. I also try and think ‘it’s not just me on my own.’ Connect and share.


    1. Thank you Julian, connection can be so meaningful as well as lightening the heaviness of worry. And connection feels especially valuable for people after the last two years. I hope you also make the most of connecting 🙂


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