The Power of Reality… (if your not a fool)

I am writing this today, as part of my new practice of writing for exactly 20 minutes only, checking for any typos, and posting. My aim is that I can build a small body of work that is perhaps helpful for my past, present and future clients to read. And turns out this piece, may have you become super-beings working magic…!

Okay, 20 minutes, timer is on: ….

“In the UK today it is April Fool’s day. A day for trickery… We play tricks and fool people into thinking something is happening that isn’t.

So can I trick you today? Actually as I ponder this I realise that I can trick myself. 

All the time. 

Because, as those of you that have worked with me will know that a sentence I often say is ‘What we think and what we feel is all that actually exists isn’t it?” If so, we get to have conjure up our own reality like magic – don’t we?” 

There are two quotes around this – the first is on a post-it note on my wall – 

Einstein’s “Reality is an illusion….albeit a very persistent one” 

and another is “Change your thoughts, Change the world”…. (I will have to check after the timer who said that!). 

Creating reality is powerful, but, to change the world you have to change your thoughts into actions don’t you? And usually you have to ‘persistently’ change those thoughts and actions to make reality ‘persistently an illusion’? 

So considering both of these while I write…. perhaps life is tomfoolery and trickery every single day, in a million ways, with as many different people who have the ability to think and magic up reality. We think therefore we are? (oh dear another quote….!) We only exist in the ‘experience of our thinking’. (that, I think might be Michael Neill)

well, the timer is ticking towards 20 minutes and I have started pondering the very existence of truth!

Ok…. it might be ‘true’ we create our own reality.

If so – it is almost the ultimate power to play with, and holds the strength to in turn, to generate positive impact. If you so wish. (depending on what you choose is ‘positive’ – oh no, this could get complicated…)

So I guess there are two threads to this writing today 

  • if we can have power over reality then we can change our experience of life, how we feel, how we manage each day, each choice, each relationship. 
  • if we can have power of reality then we can have greater impact on our community, our society and the wider world. 

Maybe we are actually magicians! Are we really able harness the power of our thoughts to indeed change the world? Of course we are! Just look at what people create in the world – tidal waves of impact, both negative and positive. But the key is to BELIEVE your thoughts – for them to actually be the ‘truth’. 

So how can you shift your thinking? Change your thoughts? And make changes? 

My answer comes as I write through this today …..I realise my most successful, impactful times are when I notice what I am actually thinking first. Because I may have many thoughts that come and go and I take action before I have really ‘thought’ about it at all!! I expect you never do that dear reader…. do you……

So for me….

It’s about Noticing. 

Being present with those thoughts. 

Allowing thoughts to come and go, then playing with them, adjusting them, noticing which ones carry more ‘truth’ – and how? Which ones I choose to give my attention to.

Making space to do that feels important. And taking action from those ‘truths’ is when I manage to create better, kinder, impact.

(Which basically I make up of course – don’t I? – do you?)”

food for fool’s thoughts….

Wishing you a fun April Fools folks…

(Honestly, the timer went off at “Allowing thoughts to come and go….” but I continued a couple more minutes….)

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2 thoughts on “The Power of Reality… (if your not a fool)

    1. wow Julian, that was quick! …..I love that, truth and stillness are perhaps one.

      Perhaps a steam of truth runs through all of us and that is where we need to dip into when we find stillness, rather than caught up in our’selves’ and all the thinking noise…?


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