Lessons From Glastonbury Part 2

The Tent of All Thought!!

This is part of my 20 minute writing practice, I sit down, write for 20 minutes, stop. check for typos. and press send! Ok, timer is on….

“…..So I have recently been thinking g a lot about the reality that we “are living in the experience of our thinking” – and noticing thoughts. Which to put strength in. Which to dismiss. Which to pay attention to. 

I read a report last year that explains we have well over 6000 thoughts a day. Nothing we can do about it. The flow of thought will come, it’s seemingly unstoppable. Mostly unconsciously we are often paying attention to a thought, feeling the reaction and acting accordingly before we have really articulated it to ourselves or others that that is what we are doing. 

Actually in some ways this is Very clever! And very useful sometimes. But sometimes not so useful. Perhaps more often than not it is detrimental to our well-being. 

What I am also coming to understand (and by that I mean not only intellectually, reading it, gaining the knowledge, hearing people say it – but actually have the ‘realisation’) is that there is a ……..space between…….

A space. 

Where naturally there appears to be an easier wisdom.

A sense. 

A tuning into something true. 

As I heard Michael Niell say once – our very best ideas will often come in moments of a quiet mind. I find that to be true in myself, and in my clients. 

So – Glastonbury? Where does that come in? 

I have been finding ways to allow my thoughts to flow, to be, to come through, notice them, BUT, not worry too much about them. 

I know I will never stop them, but also i don’t want to always give them too much power over my experience of any moment and also over my actions. 

So, while pondering this and wondering through the maze of Glastonbury the most wonderful magical glorious……

📣📣✨✨🎪🎪🤹‍♂️🤹‍♂️ ‘THE TENT OF ALL THOUGHTS!’….. 📣📣✨✨🎪🎪🤹‍♂️🤹‍♂️ 

appeared as if by magic into my mind. This enormous big top is the most incredible art installation (in my imagination!). All full of …









colour and stories!! 

Oh so many stories! 

Seriously way. To. Many assumptions I make up 🫣🙈😆

And I have started to use this ‘tent of all thought’ a few times a day.

There is an animated ringmaster at the doorway calling all thoughts to ‘come on in – explore!’ 

As thoughts come in they are called to –

‘please! Come in! To just be, in the tent, with all the other thoughts! please feel free to swirl around, and create and cause magical wonderful havoc! in this tent for all thoughts!”

And this analogy in my mind, has somehow enabled me to make more space. When I remember to open the tent.

It’s almost as if the right hand side of my brain is suddenly freer. Clearer. I find my confidence in that space. My calm. My sure and steady. 

I might even one day create my own tent of all thought at the festival myself! I’ll give Mr Eavis a call…..”

The Tent of All Thought!

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