Wondering what coaching with me is Like?

For some reason the concept of coaching is often a hard one to grasp. I like to explain it in 3 stages – gaining clarity on what you want to change, creating a strategy to make that change possible, and then becoming accountable for the changes – making them, and sticking to them with a coach in your corner every step of the way. This can be done from wherever you are, anytime.

It occurred to me that really it is very similar to sports coaching. When I was training as a marathon swimmer I invested in my swimming skills by working with a swim coach. This picture below is after 5 hours swimming and still feeling with it – would have been impossible without coaching support let me tell you!

I worked with my coach to establish the swimming goal and develop a suitable training plan to achieve it. My swim coach carefully observed and actively listened so he understood exactly what I needed to work on.

Then he gave me specific swim drills to work on, adjustments to make, and my coach challenged and stretched my abilities and gave me the confidence to focus and practice – and so I got faster, stronger, developed endurance, confidence. 

It was my responsibility too actually create the changes required to eventually smash my swimming goal, but he supported me and made sure I was accountable. And now, years later I still know how to generate from within myself the all the swimming and mental confidence needed to move onto the next exciting and fulfilling swim adventure, because I developed my mental, physical and emotional skills over those months we worked together. 

Adam Walker: My fantastic Swimming Coach back in 2017. http://www.oceanwalkeruk.com

The same goes for working with a coach in any area. Why not your emotions? Or your work life balance? Or a career change? Or a relationship?

As a coach I work with my clients holistically. We begin with focusing on the vision of succeeding in your goal. Then what strategy to put in place for you to achieve it. We will work on your mindset to take on, and tick off, the activities within that strategy. I make sure there are resources to ensure that you develop the skills you will need, plus work on the energy levels to enable you to find your spark when you need to to move forward more powerfully and successfully. 

If you struggle with confidence in any area of your life.  

If you get overtaken with an anxiety that keeps you from doing all you want.

If you feel you are carried along up by things apparently out of your control. 

Coaching with me will help you gain back that control, build a steadfast self-belief, form clarity in your goals and feel beyond better about yourself so that you will have the freedom to enjoy your life, no matter what is thrown your way. 

If you want more freedom in your life and you think coaching will help I always offer a free 90 minute session so you can get a flavour for what coaching with me is like. Just get in touch.

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