‘Listening Within’ … a 5 minute daily practice

Well I have been meaning to actually write a blog post for some time now… and never quite found the time. In my own 5 minute practice the fact I hadn’t written anything yet, despite meaning to for months kept coming to me, like a little voice inside. Go on Joey, make time to write something! So I’ve listened to my intuition, and I made a space to do it …. ‘Listening Within’:

Sometimes I find my 5 minutes while in nature, this is one of my favourite places

“Make space.” “Take Time.” “Follow your gut.” “Listen to your intuition.” We often hear this said, it sounds like great advice…but in this revved up, day to day busyness we all get hooked on, angst and worry filtering into every element of our routines, external noise and internal conflicts cause a constant turbulence has become the normal way of life – How on earth do we… 


Make Space

Take Time

Listen and Notice

“I don’t have time!” I hear you cry! 

how do I slow down when there is so much on? 

                  You have no idea how hectic my life is!

              Everyone needs me – I can’t stop…

Yup. Been there. I know.

I used to say that all the time… like hectic busyness was some kind of medal I wore and showed off to everyone. But, actually, this was so detrimental, slowly eating away at me, becoming the reality that I created – one where I was fit to explode all the time. 

Until I was convinced by a friend the best resource I had to get things done was actually to calm down – you know – less haste, more speed?! Well, I made time to make some space within. So many of us miss that essential element in being productive our daily lives. And actually, surprisingly, 5 minutes it is not that difficult. And just 5 minutes a day can make an enormous shift in your daily wellbeing. 

If you ate a burger, or smoked cigarettes, for 5 minutes a day – imagine the harm that would do?! Doing this calming, positive activity 5 minutes everyday – well, then imagine the good it will do..

You can make time for a few minutes a day to pause, and listen. You can, if you can look at facebook, watch telly, find time for exercise you can find 5 minutes to pause. To Listen. Your intuition, your insight, those inklings you hear but take no notice of, a sense. It is always there. And it is there to help you. If you’ll just pause, and listen, make space for it.

I help my clients to slow down, to shift their thinking in the hours they are with me – because we have created the space to do so. To make anything feel more possible. Often that is simply by slowing down, breathing better, connecting, noticing – Gaining Insight. When the space is made, and connection happens, there is an alignment I see, a synergy happens within someone which is really beautiful to witness. This is where clarity comes from. This is where confidence grows from. And it serves you to develop this.

So, why not try this….

5 minutes a day….

When you wake up make time for 5 minutes to invite your inner knowing, invite an inner wisdom. Because it is there. It is ready to serve you.  


You can choose some music without words. There are some magical tracks on Spotify or iTunes for meditation. I find if I am in a busy house these can allow the distracting noises to stay beyond my hearing just for 5 minutes. Sometimes though, when somewhere quieter, just listen to whatever sound is around.

Make sure you have a comfortable place to sit where you won’t be disturbed for 5 minutes. (No excuses! – That is NOT that hard whatever life is throwing at you!) 

And notice your posture. Be upright, shoulders back and down, an open posture. Take pride in the way you sit.

Set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes.

Press start.

Close your eyes. 

Breath from your heart, feel your heart expand with every breath. Imagine white, bright, brilliant light expanding from your heart. Growing, spreading, expanding from your chest to fill every cell of your body, healing, calming and strengthening.

Breath. Ask yourself – ‘Right Now, what do I notice within me?’ And then, do just that – just notice – as you breath in…and out. There is no right or wrong here. Notice any thoughts that come up, and allow them to….one of my clients last week said she notices the thoughts as if they are cars going past the window, they are there, she hears them, but they carry on past as she sits still, just sitting with her breathing, and noticing. 

Over 5 minutes you will have created an awareness. Sit with that. And repeat it, daily. Doing something again and again makes a massive difference in creating positive change. I learned from Magali Peysha – Repetition, repetition, repetition – is the mother of all skill!

This 5 minutes a day, everyday, builds. It builds an awareness within you, and a sanctuary, that you can access when you begin to stress out! I know I do stills tree out! But now, I know how to find calm, to access an inner peace, and notice, and trust, that I know what to do. That my inner knowing, my awareness will guide me.

You can learn to practice and explore a range of other techniques in more depth, learning about posture, presence, purpose, and tools for generating within you calmness, vitality, and awareness, and clarity of your goals if you choose to work with me. Remember you can always book in a call with me at no cost and see if I can help you gain increased insight and awareness, and ultimately more confidence and self belief. 

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