Normalising Coaching

So, here I am again, another 2 weeks has passed and I find myself at my desk – timer on. 

“When I post anything, write anything, even say things out loud sometimes – I find these filters incredible useful:

Is it Kind? 

Is it Necessary?

Is it Useful?

(you can see me explain more about these in this video)

I have been wanting to write about coaching. And I wondered if that might be a little self serving, so haven’t until now…

But, I’ve had to check it….is it Kind? Necessary? Useful? 

The answer is yes. In fact coaching, as a service for people, is KIND, NECESSARY AND USEFUL. 

But so often seemingly inaccessible to so many. It often has a feel of being a service to the privileged. 

I am on a bit of a mission to change that. Because powerful coaching changes lives

As many of you will know by now, I am playing with a variety of ideas to make coaching more available and affordable for everyone, in every walk of life. It’s part of a wider aim to ‘normalise’ coaching – like so many other services we access —— “I have a sore tooth, I go to the dentist” – “I need a haircut I find a hairdresser”  –  “I want to change something, I go to a coach”. 

My coaching is more affordable than an NHS dentist, it’s around the same price as a family cinema ticket, it’s cheaper than most haircuts! And has a powerful and uplifting impact on your life.

It astounds me what creating space with a coach can do. The benefits of coaching are HUGE. I have proof:

The difference these women below have created for themselves is amazing, and a direct result of accessing space with a coach. 

Because that is all coaching is, a space where you can think better, all I do is facilitate your thinking, to allow you to find the right answers. Because more often than not, you already know them. Working out how to be more resourceful, calm, present, and better communicators generates big changes in your life. 

These women have done exactly that: 

An accountant I worked with has gone from feeling ‘like a timid snail’ at work, unable to speak up even in small meetings, to now facilitating online workshops, securing a new role in her company, and speaking at an event with 300 people present. Over a few months her confidence has soared. She now believes in herself, and her capabilities.

A wonderful 3rd year student who came to me in February on the verge of leaving uni, feeling unable to cope with the pressures of the final year. 3 months later, she told me that the change in her is “beyond huge, I have made amazing progress – my achievement in my work is beyond my wildest dreams” (folks – she just got the highest mark EVER given on her course for her dissertation – which will now be published!). 

I completed a 6 month engagement last week with a wife, mother of 3, and a primary school teacher who felt ‘like a crushed woman’ back in December. She came to coaching exhausted and looking find energy to be more motivated, find joy and set an example to her children of togetherness, discipline and care. And it has worked. She is (and I am) beyond proud of what she has achieved, and the steadiness and contentment she now can find within her, even in the most stressful situations. 

I am often in awe of the power that holding a coaching space can open in people.

And I want to make sure everyone is able to access coaching and bring about change for the better. These are just one of a number of stories….see what people have written about coaching on my reviews here.

So – Kind? yes because if anyone reads this and has a coaching session with me it will be a free initial session. (I always offer those here

Necessary? Yes, because coaching enables people to be better human beings. 

Useful? Yes because you may not have realised my coaching is less than a family cinema ticket or haircut – So it is affordable! 

So, if you have been thinking about doing some work with me, then please do book a free coaching session to get a flavour of what is possible. 

You never know what you are capable of.

Ooooh this one took me 26 minutes!! (ooops!) 

Have a wonderful Weekend Folks

Joey x

With all the difficulties that are happening right now in the world, if you know of anyone who could benefit from coaching, anywhere, I offer pro-bono coaching engagements with charities, or with those who need it as part of my practice. Please get in touch to talk it through.

If you’d like to read a few more of these, then please sign up at the very bottom of this webpage. And if you would like to experience coaching with me I always offer a free 1 hour coaching session, with no sales, just coaching. You can book it here.


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